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Giclée Prints by Julie Ellsworth


While so many artists find inspiration from the places they visit and the people they know, Julie Ellsworth finds it a little closer to home, specifically in the things she buys. Her work revolves around the contrast between consuming and creating. In her Consume Create collection of art she creates balance by painting the things she consumes into her home.

Image of Beer Bottles and Cookie Boxes
Beer Bottles and Cookie Boxes

Image of Aquamarine Strawberry
Aquamarine Strawberry

Giclée Prints of Julie’s work can be found at her online shop, Julie Ellsworth Prints for $25 each. Starting with high quality 100% cotton acid-free paper and using vivid Epson UltraChrome pigments, each 8″x10″ looks as beautiful as the original.

To see beautiful high resolution versions of Julie’s paintings as well as read more about her art philosphy, check out her blog Consume Create.

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3 Responses to “Giclée Prints by Julie Ellsworth”

  1. Hi Jenni, Just wanted to say thanks for the great write up about my blog art and prints! At times I struggled to come up with a concise description of the concept so it’s really cool to see that someone else “gets it” and is able to describe it in their own words. Anyway, thanks again! -Julie

  2. jenni says:

    Hi Julie, it was my pleasure! I love your work!

  3. Mary Jane says:

    Julie’s work never fails to surprise the eyes! As I have found from her blog, there are amazing subjects in great variety for Julie’s inspiration within the consume-create concept. I am so pleased that they are available through this site.