Tips for Creating an Online Store

How do I Create a Sitemap

A sitemap lets search engines find all your products and URLs better and faster.

Step 1: Login to your Flying Cart Store

Step 2: Navigate to the “Marketing” Tab and click on the “Advanced Tools” sub tab

Step 3: Click on the button “Generate Sitemap Now”

Step 4: You are all set, your sitemap has been submitted and the Search Engines Google, Yahoo, and Ask know about it.

2 Responses to “How do I Create a Sitemap”

  1. Cobra says:

    Are the three search engines you mention the only ones I should be submitting my site to? Do you recommend using a system that claims to submit to 500 or more search engines?

  2. rishi says:

    I don’t recommend submitting your site to a system that claims 500 or more search engines… especially if they are charging you! Google, Yahoo, and Ask make up 80% of the search engine market.