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How do I use PayPal Shipping Settings?

If you need advanced shipping options, using your PayPal shipping settings is the way to go.  Here are step by step instructions on using your PayPal Shipping Settings.

1. Login to your store Head Quarters

2. Navigate to “Store” -> “Settings”


3. Scroll down the page  to the “PayPal Checkout” section and select “Use my PayPal shipping settings”

PayPal Override Shipping Settings

4. Click “Update Settings” at the bottom of the page.

5. Login to your PayPal account

6. Click on “Profile”

7. Click “Setup Shipping Calculations”

8. Follow the PayPal setup instructions to setup your shipping settings

Please Note: If you are using Google Checkout and/or PayPal Express your PayPal Shipping settings will not be applied when a customer makes a purchase via Google Checkout or PayPal Express.  We highly reccommend deleting all Google Checkout and PayPal Express information on your store settings page.  Your customers will still be able to pay with PayPal or any major credit card.

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