Tips for Creating an Online Store

How To Create an Online Store

  1. Choose a niche or product genre that you are in love with. Your passion and enthusiasm for a particular topic will give you a competitive advantage over larger sellers that are forced to be more broad in their product coverage. By choosing a category that you are excited about, you will have a better chance of enjoying the adventure of creating and managing an online store, which will require patience and the ability to overcome adversity. In a way, opening an online store around one of your hobbies or interests allows you to be productive and spend time on your hobby.
  2. Select a service to provide the online infrastructure for your web store. Don’t waste time and money on hiring 3rd party developers in figuring out the logistics in creating an online store. Pick a solution that can get you in minutes and doesn’t require programming knowledge. FlyingCart allows you to start an online store and carry and fulfill your own physical inventory.
  3. Build-out your product inventory by adding products to your web store. Try to be thoughtful about your product categories. Studies have shown that consumers are drawn to products featured at the top of the page, so be careful to put the most likely sellers at the top. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes with a relentless passion. Remember, people can buy from anyone; why should they buy from you? You need to make their life easier or provide some other kind of value.
  4. Promote your store, as this is a critical step. Do you remember Field of Dreams? “if you build it they will come” will not apply to your new store! You must drive interest in your own site; no one cares about your online store except you. The first way to promote your store is to get relevant; use a sitemap generator to create a roadmap for top search engines like Google and Yahoo to index your page. Put your products on Google Product Search. Network with other online stores and leverage their customer base to gain traction to your store. Also adding more products will increase your probability of becoming relevant on the web. Get the word out by e-mailing all your friends about it, so they can mention it to other friends and family.


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