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New! Google Checkout and Lots More

We are very excited to show off what we have been working on for the last month. A lot of love and elbow grease went into this.

Google Checkout is Here!

You asked for it, and we now bring you an alternative to PayPal. Process credit card payments using your Google account. Solid and reliable. Yippee!  Go to your Store > Settings tab to set this up.

Why we love Google Checkout:

  • Its cleaner and easier to process payments
  • More reliable (did we mention that?)
  • If you advertise on Google (via Google Adwords) they will display “Google Checkout” under your ad

Using Google Checkout with Flying Cart is easy. Here are our step by step instructions.

Orders Nearly Manage Themselves

Well not quite, but close. Orders now have a nice little three-step process with matching icons:

  1. Get Paid – shows you when the payment is in your account
  2. Ship – click the icon when you have shipped the order
  3. Archive – file the order in your archive to get it out of the way

That’s Not All

  • Order numbers now correspond to your PayPal or Google Checkout order number
  • A PayPal or Google logo on each order shows you how the customer paid
  • Your customer’s billing information is displayed below the shipping information
  • You can send email notifications to tell your customer that you shipped her/his order (see the Store > Settings tab)

Expanded Options for Charging Tax

You know what they say about death and taxes. Yep, inevitable.

In most states you only have to charge the customers in your state. Now you can easily apply a percentage to the total for customers in your state.

Simplified Shipping Page

Our old shipping page was a little confusing so we changed it around to be more straightforward. ‘Nuf said.

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One Response to “New! Google Checkout and Lots More”

  1. I like Google checkout so far but one thing would make them almost perfect. Postage printing integration like Paypal has. I know I can go to any of the postage printing sites but to just click and print and not have to write in the recipients name and addie is a huge time saver.

    On the flip side, I wish Paypal had a coupon or discount feature like Google Checkout has.

    Do you think this is a feature Flying Cart could have in the future? I would love to give my customers coupon codes to use during their Paypal checkout