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New! More Tax and Shipping Options

Want to tax different provinces or states?  Want to provide your customers next day delivery if they pay a little extra for it?  Now you can with PayPal override.

PayPal Override Shipping Instructions

PayPal Override Tax Instructions


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2 Responses to “New! More Tax and Shipping Options”

  1. Leslie Alden says:


    BRAVO!!! Thank you thank you! The new tax & shipping overrides really gives us (and our customers) the flexibility we needed- it should make a great difference for many! I am at 100% on the HAPPY SCALE!!

  2. Max says:

    another great feature! will definitely implement this

    a bit off topic but i’ve been thinking it may look more professional if we could have the option to utilize the entire screen for our websites instead of the sites being centered in the middle as they are now