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Product Brochures in Interesting Places

Over the weekend I was getting my car tuned up at a local shop.  In the waiting room I saw a brochure for jewelery.  Surprisingly – I actually looked through it because I was super bored.

Auto Shop Waiting Room

This made me think of a quick idea (just an idea)- why not make really simple product brochures with pictures of your items and your store information and place them where people are bored.

A jewelery brochure might be great at a nail salon

A clothing brochure might be fun at a laundramat

Just try to think of places that have waiting rooms (doctor/dentist offices, car service locations, laundromats, massage parlors, diners, restaurants, etc.)

It might be a good idea to tell the owner of the shop what you are doing AND even give them a cut.

2 Responses to “Product Brochures in Interesting Places”

  1. Rishi…great suggestion!! I have used brochures in the past and they work but were expensive to produce. On a budget a book mark printed both sides can sometimes be a better way to go. #1 because they are cost effective…#2 because people keep them after they read the info on both sides….especially if one side has a nice graphic or photo on it of the product etc.

    I only mention bookmarks (same concept as the wonderful brochure idea) because I have found in 30years of business more residual
    customers popping up many years later from the bookmarks.

    I always ask my new customers where they found me and not a single one mentioned the brochure…but so many I lost track say they got my name from the bookmarks I placed in day spas, health clubs etc

    Your blog suggestions are so infomative Rishi. Thank you for sharing your findings.

  2. rishi says:

    Bookmarks is a very cool idea.