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Sailor Jerry Tees at Mxmcty

Monday, June 14th, 2010
Image of My Work Speaks Tee
My Work Speaks Tee

Image of My Work Speaks Tee
My Work Speaks Tee

If you have even a passing interest in tattoos then you know Sailor Jerry. Even if not by name, you certainly know his work as it definitely does speak for itself. “Sailor Jerry” is the man behind the biggest trends in tattoos with symbols like nautical stars, snakes, dice, naval ships and pin-up girls. Fans of his work can pay homage to arguable the greatest tattoo artist who ever lived with one of these classic Sailor Jerry tattoo flash tees. Proudly plastered with the quote “My work speaks for itself,” these make perfect tees for anyone who wants to show off their tattoo sleeves in style.

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Likquid Stone Tees

Friday, April 30th, 2010
Image of LS Mellow Owl Tee
LS Mellow Owl Tee
$25.00 On Sale

Image of LS Buddha Crew Neck
LS Buddha Crew Neck

Sure, you can wear one of a million mass produced t-shirts and look like everyone else or you can stand out with something one in a million like these limited edition tees by Likquid Stone Co. Featuring sharp graphics and smooth type, Likquid Stone shares their open-minded philosophy and creative energy through original designs. Starting around $20, they offer a decent amount of affordable t-shirts, as well as some priced $40 and up for folks looking for something a bit more exclusive.

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Vintage Reserve T-Shirts

Thursday, April 15th, 2010


Man, you just can’t get a cool t-shirt anymore for less than 25 bucks. Remember the good ol’ days when graphic tees were like $15? Vintage Reserve Clothing Company totally remembers too. They also remember when t-shirts looked cool without trying to hard. Bright colors and retro graphics are in so it’s time to say goodbye to those tired black t-shirts with “funny” one-liners that everyone’s seen already anyway.

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Pants on the ground craze has hit Flying Cart

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

View the Pants on The Ground Video