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3 Keys to Success for Green Entrepreneurs: Learning from To-Go Ware

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Reduce your Forkprint

1. Provide a Green Solution

From San Francisco to Massachusetts, communities across the country (and the globe) are banning the use of plastic bags, plastic bottles and the like. All the reusable totes and stainless steel canteens are a mark of progress, but there is still tremendous waste generated by our “take out” lifestyle. Most eateries have shifted away from Styrofoam, but plastic utensils and other non-recyclable packaging are still being poured into landfills. Enter Bay Area-based To-Go Ware with the aim to make sustainably produced utensils, beverage containers, food carriers, and more a part of our daily lives. To-Go Ware’s founder, Stephanie Bernstein, found inspiration from the steadfast culture of reusable coffee mugs among students at the University of Michigan. The company strives to “make available innovative products that provide a solution, tell a great story, and are enjoyable to use.” And they’ve done so, climbing to such heights as distributing in Whole Foods, among countless other retailers.

2. The Product Should Back the Message

Whenever possible, To-Go Ware uses locally sourced and post-consumer materials from companies with responsible practices for both employees and the environment. Their current line features a bamboo utensil set sourced from a cottage industry factory in China certified sustainable by a third-party. paired with a utensil carrying case produced by a Burmese refugee women’s project. Their food carriers are made of stainless steel from a company certified through ISO 9001 quality management standardization. They accompanying food carrier bags are also made with reclaimed cotton, in an effort to cut out the production of new materials whenever possible.

3.Be Good and Be Transparent

Their commitment to ethics goes full circle, with a firm stance on encouraging sustainable economics. One visit to the company’s Mission page can sure all doubts with detailed literature on human rights, environment, sustainable economies, quality, and company transparency.

To-Go Ware exemplifies business in the new age, profiting while keeping interconnectedness in perspective. When we started the Flying Cart Green Lights Eco-Friendly Stores giveaway, it was with the example set forth by companies like To-Go Ware in mind. Our goal is to encourage more “To-Go Wares” in the online market place. If you run a small business selling environmentally responsible products, or have aspirations to do so, visit the Flying Cart Green Lights Eco-Friendly Stores application page.

90% chance of winning – Flying Cart Green Lights Eco-Friendly Stores. Enter and win a $1600 package.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Apply now

Do you sell green? Get rewarded! Flying Cart is an easy way to build your own online store. A trusted home for hosted storefront e-commerce used by over 12,000 merchants. Now the company’s new Flying Cart Green Lights Eco-Friendly Stores initiative rewards independent business owners bettering the world with eco-friendly products. We’re awarding a free (for life) Flying Cart Glider package, expert coaching on improving sales from Flying Cart founder Rishi Shah, and $100 cash to get things rolling.


Flying Cart is an online solution for sellers who want control beyond the aesthetic limitations of eBay and Etsy’s marketplace. From display to checkout, Flying Cart is designed to allow anyone to easily create an online store, sell their products on the web, and build their brand online.


To go along with the launch of Flying Cart’s new design and improved functionality, we’re giving away a lifetime Glider package ($500 value) to give your earth-friendly goods the home they deserve. The Glider package features 25 product listings, use of a custom domain (, a theme editor and customizable CSS and SSL security.

But the award goes beyond the free storefront. Current Flying Cart subscribers already know about the wealth of marketing advice on the site’s blog, but winners of Flying Cart Sells Green will receive personalized marketing advice tailored to your product by Flying Cart’s CEO Rishi Shah. And we’ll throw in $100 of seed money to help you spread the word about your green products.


Interested merchants must apply here and answer a few questions about your product. Winners are selected by rolling admission, but the entry deadline is November 25th. As a general guideline the products must be upcycled or repurposed, secondhand, made of non-toxic eco-friendly materials, or sustainably produced. The Flying Cart staff will only select the most impressive applications, so be sure your submission shows your passion for your products and environmental conservation.

Apply now! We are excited to see your eco friendly business.

Learn more about the Flying Cart Green Lights Eco-Friendly Stores contest on our FAQ page.
Please visit the terms and conditions page before applying.

Please support our eco-movement by sharing this with your friends.  Everyone that tweets this article will receive a free product from one of our winners.

Flying Cart Green Lights Eco-Friendly Stores Q&A

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Q: What is Flying Cart Green Lights Eco-Friendly Stores?
The Flying Cart Green Lights Eco-Friendly Stores is a promotion from October 20th to November 25th intended to help the growth of a few select eco-conscious small businesses.

Q: What do I win?
Cash, Coaching, and an Online Store.

$100 Cash Baby! This is just to show you we are serious on helping you get the ball rolling.
Glider package for life ($500 Retail Value) - You get an awesome looking store to rock the Internet with.
Coaching session with Rishi ($1000 retail value) - Rishi knows what works and he also knows what doesn’t. He has seen a ton of business come and go and will make sure your business is here to stick around! His coaching session can be in person if you live in the bay area or can be easily done online via Skype.

Q: 90% Chance to win? Is that for real?
Yes. We pretty much want everyone to win something to get them going.

Q: Where can I apply?
Right here.

Q: How many people will be awarded?
There are no set amount of winners, but we hope to award at least 4 amazing companies.

Q: When does the contest end?
Nov. 25, 2010 (right before Thanksgiving)

Q: Why are we doing this?
We simply want to see more eco-friendly stores online. We want to do whatever we can to help eco-entrepreneurs sell their products.

Q: How is this helping the environment?
A single decision to purchase an environmentally responsible product, as opposed to traditional goods, is all that’s needed to start a shift in demand. While eco-friendly products aren’t always the most affordable option, they also force less externalized cost onto the planet (use of resources, carbon emissions from production and shipping, etc.). By giving an edge to eco-conscious merchants, Flying Cart hopes to foster the growth of entrepreneurs striving for a better planet through responsible goods.

Q: What is Flying Cart?
Flying Cart is the easiest way to build your online store. Founded in 2006 with some laptops, caffeine, and the dream to allow anyone easily launch their own brand online. Over 12,000 small businesses currently use Flying Cart.

Q: Who’s behind Flying Cart?
Rishi and Trevor
Rishi Shah started the company out of his Mom’s basement with the goal of helping other entrepreneurs launch their store online. Rishi is passionate on helping small business sell their products online and ‘stick it to the man’.

Trevor Dye is an environmental activist with a passion for a greener economy. After joining the Flying Cart staff, he found inspiration in some of the great eco-friendly products already being sold through FC, and from there Flying Cart Green Lights Eco-Friendly Stores was born.

Q: I’d like to blog about this. Do you have any images we can use?
Yes. Feel free to use anything on our website. In specific here are some more logos.
Flying Cart logo on the main Website:
Flying Cart logo in White:
Here is a picture of Rishi and Trevor:

Q: If I don’t have an eco-friendly product can I still open a store on Flying Cart?
Yes. You can start your store here:

Q: How can I share this with my friends?
A: Ok. We have to be honest. We don’t think anyone will ask this. But we really need your support and the more people that talk about it the faster our eco-movement can spread. Use our one click sharing buttons right here to get the word out there! Here our our sharing buttons:

Q: I need more info. How do I get in touch with you?
Contact Trevor at, call us at 1-800-780-6064, or read the full press release here: