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Community Call is Today!

The conference call is today at 8pm CST.  Here is a Time Zone Converter if you need it.  If you haven’t already please RSVP to get the number to call.

On this call I promise to:
- Teach you 1 thing you have to try today to help market your products
- Help you get better responses to your sales/customer support emails
- Tell you about the latest Flying Cart additions (Google Product Search submission, Social Bookmarking)
- Keep it under 20 minutes


5 Responses to “Community Call is Today!”

  1. christina says:

    what time will the phone call be in California?

  2. Thank you Rishi and Margo!!!!!!! You guys are so fantastic and your ideas and enthusiasm a real inspiration. I could have talked one on one with you both for hours. As you can tell from the conference call I can’t keep my mouth! It was great to meet all the other vendors on the call too. I went to all of your sites!!

    I just wanted to thank you for your time and support. I’ll think in the meantime of some other questions to ask on the next call. I love this venue. It develops a community which is so important.

    Big hugs to all and Happy Holidays
    Sandra Miller
    Graffiti Jewelry

  3. rishi says:

    Hi Samia – We missed you!

    Catch the next one. You can hear the Audio here: