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Google Checkout Is Going Away; What Does It Mean For Flying Cart?

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

You may have heard that Google has announced that they will be discontinuing support for Google Checkout in November. We wanted to take a minute and let you know what that means for Flying Cart customers who use Google Checkout as their payment processor. For the time being, we won’t be making any changes to Flying Cart. If you’re using Google Checkout now, you’ll still be able to use it until we discontinue support for it which will likely be some time in October. We still offer Paypal support, and you’ll need to make the switch before Google Checkout is discontinued. You can read up on hos to set up a Paypal account and integrate it with your Flying Cart store here.

If you have any questions about Google Checkout or Paypal just let us know, and we’ll be happy to help!

Bear Canyon Trading Post Supports Camp Mary White On Flying Cart

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

In 2012 Camp Mary White celebrated its 85th anniversary. This summer camp located in southeastern New Mexico has seen girls from several generations stay there, and keep in touch after their stay. To celebrate their anniversary, they’ve opened the Bear Canyon Trading Post where they sell a variety of great products that let you show your support for Camp Mary White. If you have fond memories of Camp Mary White, or if you’re just interested in supporting a great summer camp check out their store today!

New Theme: Nightclub

Friday, August 12th, 2011

We just added a sweet new theme called Night Club. Check it out in the theme gallery.

Google +1 Survey

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

We really like the new Google +1 Button and want to make it easy for you to add it to your online store.

Watch this video to learn what Google +1 is all about:

This is what the Google +1 Button Looks Like:

We Need Your Help!

Where would you like the +1 button to be located on your online store? Here are the options:
a. On Your Homepage, at the bottom, right above the footer
b. On Your Homepage, right above your featured products
c. On Each Product Page underneath the “Add to Cart” button
d. In the Top Navigation of Your Store

Please let me know in the comments below. We will read every single one :)

Facebook Connect + your Online Store + new OAuth 2.0 Security

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Facebook Connect (aka. Facebook Login) gives your shoppers the ability to become a fan of your store with a single click.  We added this feature in to Flying Cart over a year ago, and it has quickly become one of our most popular additions among store owners.  In fact, over 50% of our stores are active monthly users of Facebook Connect!  Here is what the one-click button looks like in your online store:

Facebook Login button on Flying Cart

Instead of entering their email address and then clicking the “Sign Up” button, shoppers can bypass the email form entry altogether by clicking the Facebook Connect button just below it.  Leveraging the fact that most shoppers have Facebook accounts, and are probably already logged into their Facebook account, you can use Facebook Connect to increase your Fan signup conversions.  It’s an easy and hassle free way of connecting with your customers, and now it’s even more secure.

At Flying Cart, we have proactively implemented Facebook’s new security protocol called OAuth 2.0 (an open standard Facebook co-authored with a number of other companies, including Yahoo, Google and Twitter).  This ensures that when your customers use the Facebook Connect feature on your store, their information is transmitted via the Gold-Standard of safety and security.

How to add a Facebook “Like” button to your online store

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

You have probably noticed the Facebook “Like” button showing up a lot on various websites while browsing online. This button has become a popular and simple way for website owners to build an online following. All you need is a Facebook account, and a little bit of code to add to your Flying Cart HQ, and you can have a working Facebook “Like” button of your very own! We recently implemented one of these buttons for one of our stores –

How to implement in your own Flying Cart store:
1. Create an Online Store with Flying Cart
2. Login to your Flying Cart HQ
3. Navigate to “Pages > Homepage”
4. For the “Welcome Message” section, click the “HTML” icon in the upper right corner of the Welcome Message text editor box.
5. Paste the following code for your HTML:
<p><iframe src=”;layout=standard&amp;show_faces=true&amp;width=450&amp;action=like&amp;font&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;height=80″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ style=”border: none; overflow: hidden; width: 450px; height: 80px;” allowTransparency=”true”></iframe></p>

Note: You can alternatively go to and use “Step 1 – Get Like Button Code” to generate your HTML code for you.  In this case, make sure to select the “iframe code” section that is presented to you.

6. Replace “” with “[yourstorenamehere]” (if you are using our supplied HTML code sample in step 5).
7. Click the “Update” button at the bottom of the HTML window (this will close the HTML window).
8. Click the “Update Homepage” button below the Welcome Message text editor box.

That’s it. Now you will have your very own Facebook “Like” button on your online store that you created with Flying Cart!

How to Find Keywords that Will Get You Paying Customers

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

I just wrote a step by step blog post on finding keywords to get paying customers. Check it out here.

Featured Store: Shape Shiftr

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Today Flying Cart Brings you High-End Bohemia with the chic offerings of Shape Shiftr

></p> <p>For more, <a href=

New BACKGROUNDS Added – Your Design Expanded!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Flying Cart Build an Online Store 50 New backgrounds

I know, I know, didn’t we just unveil the new Extra Pages feature? We did, and we’re keeping things rolling with 50 new design backgrounds to choose from. That’s right, 50! All thanks to our wonderful friends at ColourLovers.

So what are you waiting for? Go to your HQ, click Design, then Backgrounds and check out all the great new offerings.

The New EXTRA PAGES at Flying Cart

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

You spoke and we listened! Thanks to all those who took part in our survey about new Flying Cart features. And now for the fruits of your clicking…

We’re constantly thinking of creative new ways to enhance your online, and now Flying Cart gives you a blank canvas to create with its new Extra Pages Feature. Previously all packages received one extra page, and sellers used them in a variety of ways. Now, depending on your package and your creativity, there’s no limit to what you can do with your extra pages.

So what can you do with this newfound freedom as a seller? Here are some off-the-beaten path ideas to make your store fun and interactive.

1. (YourStore)TV – Create Your Own Online Television Channel

Let’s be honest, folks aren’t reading like the days of old. Online video is all the rage, and you should jump on the bandwagon. Simply make videos, any kind of videos – artistic commercials, product demonstrations, a personal message from yourself, and so on. Next, upload it to a popular video hosting site like YouTube. Then copy the html embed code and paste it into your Extra Page HTML box. Fill your stores channel with as many videos as you’d like. Get them watching, get them buying!

2. The Sale/Clearance Page – Because everyone loves a deal!

Take a cue from and countless other online stores, and prominently display a “Sale” page in your store. Give images and details about the sale products, and be sure to link back to those product pages so they can buy! Also be sure to prominently state how much savings the sale offers (original price versus sale price), people love that!

3. What’s Your Inspiration? – Take Your Customers Behind the Scenes

Most major publications include an Editor’s Note in the beginning of the issue. This is usually a few paragraphs explaining the inspiration for themes and content. And you should do the same. This isn’t an About Page, this is your thoughts and feelings as the creator for your current line of products, not your store as a whole. The “Editor’s Note” concept is especially useful for stores constantly unveiling new/seasonal product lines. Take customers deeper with behind the scenes images and videos of the products being created.

4. New/Seasonal Product Line Preview – Let them know what’s coming!

This is again mostly appropriate for power sellers who consistently add new products. Coming out with a new fall line for your clothing store? Embed a Flickr (recommended – here’s how) or Picasa slideshow featuring exciting preview images of your new and upcoming products. And be sure to send the preview page link to your fan club!

5. Your Social Networking Directory

Build a base with links and info about your store’s presence on the social web. Among Flying Cart’s countless great features, we also help direct customers to your web presence with social networking buttons on the product page and beyond. But it never hurts to have multiple places that suggest visitors share your store through the social web. Hyperlink social networking logo images (like the Facebook F or the Twitter T) to direct them to your Facebook, Twitter, and so. You can even use it as an opportunity to detail store specials/coupons available only through your social networks.

6. Testimonials – Let customers know what others think.

Have you received great feedback on your store or products? Make those compliments public with a testimonials page. And if you haven’t gotten any feedback yet, send a message blast to your fan club or those who’ve made recent purchases and ask for their thoughts. Amazon does so with every purchase you make. Strong, well written testimonials can go a long way in comforting prospective customers.

7. Do Good – Use an extra page to raise awareness about your favorite charitable cause.

Have a passion for activism? Even if your products aren’t directly linked to social change, aligning your store with a cause your passionate about can be a great way to connect with your customers on a personal level. Use an extra page to share your thoughts on something important in the world, even if it isn’t directly related to your store. Selling is as much about resonating with the customer as having great products, so show them your conscious side. Want to take it a step further? Offer a percentage of sales towards your favorite cause, so when they buy from you, they’re helping better the world.

8. Survey! Survey? Survey! – Find out what they think.

Build your own survey using Survey Monkey or Google Docs and embed it or link to it through your extra page. If you really want to dig deep, ask the tough questions like what improvements customers would like to see for your store or products. Want more responses? Offer a special coupon code via email to those who complete the survey!

9. Your Store Soundtrack – Because silence doesn’t sell.

When you walk into any brick-and-mortar store, it’s never silent. There are always tunes playing as background music to enhance the shopping experience. While it’s ill advised in the web world to have autoplay music on your site (because shoppers might already be listening to something on their computer), giving them the option to experience your store with sound is an underrated tactic in sensory marketing. You can use GrooveShark to embed a playlist in your Soundtrack page or have it open in a new window (so they can browse and listen simultaneously). If you don’t feel like flushing out a full playlist, you can also create and embed/link to a radio station for your store with Pandora.

10. Trend Watcher – Spotlight the trendsetters using products like yours.

If you sell products that ride the wave of pop-culture trends, then help keep your customers up to date to the latest happenings of relevant trendsetters. Sell handbags? Add photos of celebrities touting a bag like yours. Sell tech gear? Link to articles talking about how your goods o products like yours are the future of technology. Find out who’s a trendsetter in your field, keep tabs on them, and publish it in your store. Make the experience full circle by convincing them your store is cutting edge with a Trend Watcher page, then lead customers to a Product Line Preview page like that discussed in #4. Make sure there’s a clear correlation between the trends you discuss in the Trend Watcher page and the products you include in the Product Preview page. Want help spotting trends? Check out 11 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2011 via

Want more on Extra Pages? Check out the updated Customer Support FAQ on Extra Pages, and if you have a question let us know at [email protected]