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Whisky Samples


If you only drink Jack Daniels then you have no right to call yourself a whiskey drinker. Unlike JD, good whiskey isn’t a cheap way to get drunk fast; good whiskey should be savored and enjoyed. But before you go spending all your cash on a bottle of the top shelf stuff, you should find out what you like. Enter, Wiskysamples, the online whiskey bar that lets you try a 3 cl sample (about 1 fluid ounce) of more than 250 types of whiskey.

Luc Timmermans started this unique service after a hotel bartender insisted he skip the Jack Daniels N°7 and try a Single Malt Whisky, Dalwhinnie 15 Yrs. Luc got hooked to the “water of life” and decided to share his passion with the world. [UPDATE] Unfortunately, if you’re in the US you’re out of luck because Wiskysamples only delivers to select countries in Europe. Wiskysamples are available in the US and some parts of Europe. (See the Shipment and packaging info)

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2 Responses to “Whisky Samples”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this nice review. We do ship to the US using standard postal services. So all these nice whiskies are also for you to try….


  2. jenni says:

    Thank you Luc for the good news. I can’t wait to try some new whiskey!