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Why You Need an About Us Page!

Do you love what you do? Hearing stories like the one behind Birdland Treasures really make us love what we do.


If you read the About Us page at Birdland Treasures you can gain some insight into what inspired the owner to open up shop. Here’s her story:

I am in love with timeworn objects that speak of comfort, romance, cozy cottages, and history. For seventeen years I lived with my husband and daughter in a tiny home in an area of Des Moines, Iowa called the Birdland neighborhood. There was a building that I desperately wanted to purchase – it was a small storefront with an attached house, and it was dilapidated probably beyond repair. But I always dreamed of opening a shop there that would be filled with what have come to be known as cottage, romantic, and shabby style pieces for the home.

Both my small home and the shop building I dreamed of owning were destroyed in flooding in the Birdland neighborhood in 2008. But, as I came to dream again about how I could seek out, collect and sell the objects I love, I decided to try an online store. And I realized that I could honor my shopkeeping dream by simply using the name I had selected long ago: Birdland Treasures.

We’re happy to be apart of that dream.

So, does your store have a great About Us page? Don’t overlook the opportunity to connect with your customers and help them understand more about your business. Maybe you have a unique story behind your store name or how you got started. Maybe you make everything you sell yourself by hand, or got your business idea from your nephew. Whatever your story, it never hurts to share it!

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  1. What a delight to be featured here, thank you!