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Books del Sur

Image of El perro confundido
El perro confundido
Image of Amadeo y el abuelo
Amadeo y el abuelo
Image of Amadeo va al colegio
Amadeo va al colegio
Image of Vacaciones

One of our most frequently asked questions at Flying Cart is how to get started. A lot of people want to start their own business but don’t know where to start. Well, sometimes the best business ideas come from your own needs. Take Heather Robertson Warren of Madinson Wisconsin for example. She’s an elementary Bilingual Instructional Resource Teacher who had a real need for authentic Spanish literature for her students. She contacted her friend Ingnacio Muñoz from Chile to send her some books. She soon realized that there was a severe lack of bestselling children’s books from South America in the US and so she opened Books del Sur (which means Books from the South).

It may sound silly, but kids books can also help adults practice learning Spanish too. Visit Books del Sur and brush up on your Spanish reading skills.

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