Tips for Creating an Online Store

Coupon Codes and Marketing Action Plan

My favorite online stores get me to come back to their store during a limited time only sale and they alert me via email newsletter.

Here is a step by step marketing action plan:
1. Do whatever it takes to collect email address. This can be through your blog, your fan club on Flying Cart, or your own personal rolodex.
2. Send out monthly fun newsletters showcasing your favorite products.
3. Offer a limited time only sale. For example “Today Only” or “2 Days Only”. It’s okay if your newsletter list will be pretty small at first (mine was 30 people when I first started) but stay with it on a consistent basis.

Here is a quick video of how to setup Coupon Codes in your online store.

Special props to stores Zoku & Juice and Joey The Cat for inspiring this post!

2 Responses to “Coupon Codes and Marketing Action Plan”

  1. Michael says:

    OK I was wondering if there was a dollar amount coupon code say like an online gift certificate of 25 dollars, is this possible?

  2. rishi says:

    Hi Michael – That isn’t possible at this time. Only percentage and free shipping based coupons.