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Google +1 Survey

We really like the new Google +1 Button and want to make it easy for you to add it to your online store.

Watch this video to learn what Google +1 is all about:

This is what the Google +1 Button Looks Like:

We Need Your Help!

Where would you like the +1 button to be located on your online store? Here are the options:
a. On Your Homepage, at the bottom, right above the footer
b. On Your Homepage, right above your featured products
c. On Each Product Page underneath the “Add to Cart” button
d. In the Top Navigation of Your Store

Please let me know in the comments below. We will read every single one :)

4 Responses to “Google +1 Survey”

  1. On Each Product Page underneath the “Add to Cart” button..

    I think this would keep the thought in front of the client all the way through their shopping venture..Great idea…


  2. Andy says:

    c – under add to cart, optional to show on page though.

  3. Definitely option a. It is very important to me that the online store looks professional and free of visual clutter. It would be handy if the facebook, twitter and blog buttons could be placed in the same space. It is just logical for all the social networking buttons to be grouped together on the site. Most sites have these buttons on the bottom of the page so that is where users expect them to be.

  4. Juliette says:

    I would appreciate the +1 addition and would like to choose option C, but also think it should be grouped with other social media for ease of navigation for customers. It is integral for me that my site maintain a clean sleek look and with so many networks for sharing information I’d hate to see twenty images linked to different websites. As much as word of mouth helps a cluttered site can be detrimental. Also, have you considered setting up a gift wrap option on the site? THIS would be amazing and really help boost every one’s site into looking that much more professional ! ! THANKS for asking our opinion hope to see the +1 button soon!!