Tips for Creating an Online Store

we support independent artists

When you create an online store, you need good product images. There is no way around that. You can take your own if you want, but the lighting might turn out funny or the focus might be off. I have been cleaning out my house selling things on eBay, and there the quality doesn’t matter so much. I still sold my old pair of work boots even though the photo was overexposed and the background included a glimpse into my house. If I were trying to look professional though, my photos definitely would not fly.

J. Tichenor Photography

We realized that Flying Cart stores need a better solution. We have partnered with a group of independent photographers who are willing to come to store locations, take product images, and provide them in a digital format ready to be uploaded. The quality and pricing will vary. Most of our current partners are located in the Chicago area, but the coverage will grow and expand as more people hear about us. We welcome any photographer to partner with us. It is a win-win situation because we support independent artists and our customers get the images that they need.

All the photos on this site have been taken by photographers who are available for hire. Here are some of our first partners:


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