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Are you blogging?

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I want to know which of our stores are blogging.  If you have a blog – email it to me or even better post it in the comments.

I like stores that blog.  It brings out the personality behind the company.  The most common comment I get is “Rishi, who is going to read my blog?  What is the point?”

The reason I am asking you to start a blog isn’t to gain more customers.  It is to to become more passionate about your business and increase your expertise in what you do.

Here are some ideas for your first post:

  1. Tell everyone about your favorite product
  2. Post a picture/video of you (or a friend) using the product
  3. Talk about something totally personal… like what you did over the weekend
  4. Blog about the things you enjoy (I enjoy ecommerce and helping small business owners like myself)
  5. If you make your products talk about the process

From my experience the first 10 or so posts are hard.  After a while new post ideas spring up automatically.

Flying Cart uses WordPress for our blogging platform.  For beginners I would recommend Tumblr.  Super easy to use and it’s free. Another really easy to use and popular blog platform is Google’s Blogger (also free).

Tell me about your blog.  I will read it, post a comment, and I will like you more.

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13 Responses to “Are you blogging?”

  1. I adore blogging!!! So much that I now have 2!!
    The first is my main blog for Graffiti Jewelry called “Graffiti Gossip” This is where all my studio stuff and photography gets showcased plus I use it as my travelblogue when I am bopping around the globe. I love getting comments while I travel and post jewelry related images and more from my iphone to the blog from wherever I am.

    The second blog is an offshoot from my jewelry stuff I have a widget at Graffiti Gossip which updates the Pandarazzi blog each time I post so I get kind of a cross posting effect. Most of my new traffic and business comes from my blogs and Twitter which works in conjunction with both blogs…was that too much information Rishi???? LOL!

  2. rishi says:

    hahaha no not at all. I really like the pictures on both your blogs!

  3. We use our blog, to post instructional videos for customers showing them how to use our products. It gets a lot of traffic through Google and gave us a huge boost in sales. We even had CBS find us through our blog recently and now our resistance bands will be featured on hit talk show “The Doctors” during their New Years Resolution episode on January 5th.

  4. rishi says:

    Max – Your blog is sweet. The videos are amazing.


  5. Hi Rishi,

    I began blogging to help give access to more information about CNC routing and milling (computer numerical control) for my customers. My blog is I would appreciate any feedback you could give me on it. The rise of manufacturing through out the world has lowered the price of CNC electronics controllers so that now small businesses and hobbyists can afford teh automate processes that would normally cost of $60/hour to outsource to other companies. Let me know what you think.


  6. rishi says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Here are my comments:
    1. I noticed Google Advertisements on the left hand side. I would take those out and add links to your own products that you sell. You are promoting your competitors by displaying ads.
    2. I really like the video bar. However videos are clicked and viewed on more when they are contained in a post.
    3. I would like to see example of why people use your machines. What are they making, what type of business would need this.
    4. Add more outbound links. Link to other CNC websites, stuff on wikipedia, etc. This will give you a better page rank on Google.

    Overall great job. You are making something I thought would be boring (CNC Machines) very exciting and interesting. Keep it up and keep me posted on it.


  7. margo says:

    I would recommend Blogger for beginning bloggers ( It is part of Google so if you already have a Gmail or Google Checkout account, you can log in to get a blog. The interface is really nice and it’s easy to find templates to download and install. Tumblr hasn’t been around that long and has limited features, and WordPress is more complicated.

  8. I just started a blog, the address is
    I only have a few posts so far, but I’m getting the hang of it!

  9. rishi says:

    Melissa – nice blog idea. I bet there a lot of horse art enthusiasts that would love to read your blog. keep the posts rolling.

  10. Cobra says:

    I am blogging as a way to keep a history of what I like to call the Cobra Series. My blog is at

    Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys…


  12. Rishi says:

    awesome blog AL! I like the pictures of customers that you post up with your t-shirts

  13. i peed a little – so funny you might wet your pants…

    [...]Are you blogging? | Tips for Creating an Online Store[...]…