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Maker Faire 2008 – Austin TX

Rishi and I went to Maker Faire in Austin last weekend and were blown away by all the cool stuff we saw. It’s a two-day paradise of do-it-yourself projects including art, crafts, engineering, robotics, science, music, and more. Anyone who likes to make stuff and look at stuff other people have made would enjoy this. We talked with a lot of crafters about running their own businesses and selling online. The majority of them already have products on and many have their own website as well. Many were interested in learning about other ways to expand their online sales, such as creating their own brand on their own store site with Flying Cart. Here are some photos and a video of our day.

Big thanks to Xylocopa Design, Feto Soap, Stab Happy, and Knotty Bags for being in our video.

Me playing an air piano

A dancer performs

A choreographed mentos/diet coke explosion performance

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3 Responses to “Maker Faire 2008 – Austin TX”

  1. rishi says:

    What an awesome faire. Great job with the video Mo!

  2. steve clay says:

    Rishi, you got that hula-hoop thing nailed man!!!!

  3. rishi says:

    haha thanks Steve! I do love to hula haha