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Giclée Prints by Julie Ellsworth

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010


While so many artists find inspiration from the places they visit and the people they know, Julie Ellsworth finds it a little closer to home, specifically in the things she buys. Her work revolves around the contrast between consuming and creating. In her Consume Create collection of art she creates balance by painting the things she consumes into her home.

Image of Beer Bottles and Cookie Boxes
Beer Bottles and Cookie Boxes

Image of Aquamarine Strawberry
Aquamarine Strawberry

Giclée Prints of Julie’s work can be found at her online shop, Julie Ellsworth Prints for $25 each. Starting with high quality 100% cotton acid-free paper and using vivid Epson UltraChrome pigments, each 8″x10″ looks as beautiful as the original.

To see beautiful high resolution versions of Julie’s paintings as well as read more about her art philosphy, check out her blog Consume Create.

Maker Faire 2008 – Austin TX

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Rishi and I went to Maker Faire in Austin last weekend and were blown away by all the cool stuff we saw. It’s a two-day paradise of do-it-yourself projects including art, crafts, engineering, robotics, science, music, and more. Anyone who likes to make stuff and look at stuff other people have made would enjoy this. We talked with a lot of crafters about running their own businesses and selling online. The majority of them already have products on and many have their own website as well. Many were interested in learning about other ways to expand their online sales, such as creating their own brand on their own store site with Flying Cart. Here are some photos and a video of our day.

Big thanks to Xylocopa Design, Feto Soap, Stab Happy, and Knotty Bags for being in our video.

Me playing an air piano

A dancer performs

A choreographed mentos/diet coke explosion performance

Featured Store: Two Red Bananas

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Also checkout Two Red’s event Purple Rain if you are in the Atlanta area.  I totally love this store and what Two Red is doing with it.  Their logo is fun and catchy.  They throw events to attract new customers.  Nice job!

selling handmade crafts

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Getting a Flying Cart store is a great way to sell handmade arts and crafts. If you want to get a worldwide online audience for your stuff and don’t want to pay a big price for an ecommerce website, Flying Cart could be just the thing you need.

I have developed websites for lots of artists, and I know that most of them have little to no budget. This is so often the case that I have done many jobs in trade for art. Most artists I know want a way to get their stuff seen, and they want it cheap with no initial investment required. I hope more artists will catch on to Flying Cart and how useful it can be as a marketing tool.

Right now, some of my favorite crafty sites are: TJ’s Kreations and Babylicious Design

Batman Bottlecaps at TJ’s Kreations