Tips for Creating an Online Store

Shipping with Personality

Getting new customers is good.  Getting customers to return is even better.

Create a personal touch with your customers so they will think about you long after your product has been used.  I remember getting a package a few years ago from a backpack I ordered online.  Along with the backpack they sent me pictures of how they made it and a little bit about the person that shipped it to me.  I thought that was sooo cool!

Here are some ideas on creating a personal touch:

- Put a big smiley face on the package saying “Open with a smile!  You just got a package :)

- In the package put a picture of your pet, you, an action shot of you with the product you just shipped to them, a funny picture

- Put in a hand made personal note saying thank you for their business

- Give them a free sticker button with your store name on it

Has something worked for you?  Post your ideas in the comments.


4 Responses to “Shipping with Personality”

  1. jose says:

    One time my package came gift wrapped saying this is a present to you! For a few seconds I felt like it was Christmas morning (even though it was in the summer)

  2. John says:

    I think adding a picture of myself is a little creepy although I do like the idea of adding a personal touch.

    I remember getting a thank you note from a local indie band when they shipped me their album….

    the band, you wonder?

    Maroon Five! How cool is that?!

  3. rishi says:

    haha that is pretty cool

  4. Because my business is one of a kind jewelry and my customers spend quite a bit , I do what Jose mentioned but don’t actually call it a “present” per se. I DO make the package and it’s contents so beautifully and creatively wrapped that the recipient always writes back to comment that it was like Xmas.

    I layer my wrapping in such a way that each part of the purchase (eg. earring, necklace, bracelet…a surprise gift) is tucked into the layers of tissue . As the wrapping paper is unrolled a different part of the purchase is revealed..always with a bow or note in each section.

    If the purchase is only one item, I then layer in little treasures like a very nice sealed herbal tea bag, one of my advertising bookmarks, a wrapped chocolate..etc etc etc.

    The cost is very little for the HUGE impact this giftwrapped “striptease” has….lol! People just love it and I love hearing about their smiles when they open their treasures. The bonus….it brings repeat business and referrals