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Deesse Du Soleil Bangles

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
Image of Plastic Bangle
Plastic Bangle
Image of Metal Cuffs
Metal Cuffs
Image of  Plastic shiny Bangles
Plastic shiny Bangles
Image of Faux Leather Bangle
Faux Leather Bangle $9.00

Turn some heads and add some funky flair to your look with bangles from Deesse Du Soleil. Chunky bracelets and big bangles are having a moment and the boho-chick look is in. But instead of blowing $80 (that could go towards shoes) on an expensive Marc Jacobs bangle grab some Deesse Du Soleil bangles for just $9 each. Mix and match shiny plastic bangles, metal cuffs, animal prints and more.

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Leather Bow Bracelet

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

You don’t need bling to make a bold statement with accessories. The Leather Bow Bracelet from Candy Shop Clothing has a distinctly feminine look without coming off as flimsy or delicate. It’s not as flashy as a gold or silver bracelet so it can compliment your look without competing for attention.


Worn with something like the Funktional Parachute Dress with a matching leather belt and shoes, the Leather Bow Bracelet would fit right in with this sophisticated, yet girly style.

Candy Shop Clothing has leather bow bracelets in blue and black, and offers a variaty of trendy clothing and accessories.