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Manage Products FAQ

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

How do I add a product?

1. Log in to your store HQ.

2. Click on Products > Add a product.

3. Type in a title. Give your product a descriptive title, e.g., “Vintage Volleyball T-Shirt” or “Oak Dining Table Chair”

4. Set the price.

5. Choose the department. If you haven’t added any departments choose “Create new department” and name the department you are creating. If you’re going to sell t-shirts it might be a good idea to split them up by “Mens” and “Womens” or categories like “Funny”, “Music”, or “Vintage”.

6. Write a paragraph description. Make sure you include relevant keywords and describe your product. If it’s handmade, say so! If it’s 100% cotton, let your customers know! A detailed product description can reduce questions and increase trust in your online business.

7. Add an item number. This is for your reference and is optional. It doesn’t matter how you number your items, just that they make sense to you. If you sell products created by another manufacturer then you might want to use their item number or SKU.

8. Featured on your homepage. If you select this option this product will be displaying on your store homepage.

9. Set the quantity. (If you are using inventory management)

10. Upload an image.

11. Click “Add Product”.

12.Your product has now been added to your Flying Cart store, but you’re not done yet! Add more images to show off your product. (Customers LOVE to see multiple images, don’t you when YOU shop?) Now you can also add options like color and size and choose to feature your product on your main page.

That’s it! That’s how quick and easy it is to add a product to your Flying Cart Store! Your first product may not even take a full 5 minutes to add, and once you’ve got your options and departments set up, you should be able to add products super quick. Just remember not to get bogged down if you have a big selection. Start off with your best products and add a few more each day. Before you know it you’ll have a full store featuring all of your products!

How do I use the WYSIWYG Editor?

The term WYSIWYG stands for “What You See Is What You Get” and refers to the built in text editor on Flying Cart. As you’re adding product descriptions into the WYSIWYG editor, you’ll notice several functions that allow you to manipulate your text. If you’re unfamiliar with WYSIWYG, here’s a breakdown of its features.


What is “Feature on Homepage?”

The option allows you to display any product prominently on your store homepage. When a visitor comes to your store, they’ll be greeted by your welcome message and all the products you have selected to feature on homepage.

How can I feature a product?

In your HQ, go to Products > Browse and click the product you wish to feature/or remove from being featured. Scroll down to the variations section and select Featured – “Yes” or “No”.

Selecting “Yes” will feature the product on your homepage. Selecting “No” will not display the product on your homepage but it will be displayed in the proper department section.

By default all your products are featured. Only 20 products can be featured on your homepage at once.

Can I adjust the number of columns for the featured products on my homepage?

No, by default Flying Cart’s featured product section has 3 columns.

How can I rearrange my products?

In the HQ, go to Settings > Store and scroll down to the Store Preferences section. Locate the Product Arrangement drop down box and select your desired arrangement (Oldest First, Newest First, Least Expensive First, Most Expensive First). This will arrange your products in the featured section of your homepage and department pages.

The Newest First option lists your most recently added items first.

How can I duplicate a product?

In your HQ, go to Products > Browse. Identify the product you wish to duplicate then click the Copy icon on the right side of the Browse list. This is a great way to list similar products quickly.

How do I add links in the description?

In the Description box, highlight the text you would like to make into a hyperlink then click the link button on the right of the toolbar. Insert the web address when prompted and click insert.

How do I delete a product?

To delete products completely from your store follow these steps:
1. Login to your store HQ
2. Navigate to Products > All Products
3. Go to the product you would like to remove
4. Click on the red X next to the right of the product

How do I take better product pictures?

When shopping online, clear and detailed product images makes all the difference. It’s a good rule of thumb to look at your own store as if you were a customer. What would you want to see?

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, that doesn’t mean your product images can’t be good, or at least improved upon. Follow these simple steps and your product images will greatly improve, which means better sales!

1. Use a digital camera. (Just in case you don’t) Using a digital camera will allow you to instantly preview, upload and edit.

2. Use a tripod or some sort of stand. Stack some books, if you don’t have a stand. You will avoid blurry images by having the camera in a fixed position.

3. DON’T USE FLASH. Using flash will wipe out the color and details. Worst of all it will create shadows. Instead use natural lighting from a window or even take the photos outside. This is essential to getting a product image that shows off your product in the best possible light (pun intended).

4. Use an easy-on-the-eyes backdrop—something with a solid color rather
than a patter. Your product should be the only item in the entire picture. Avoid clutter at all costs.

5. Get close, get personal. Buyers like to see the details of the product, so take pictures that can show every possible detail of the product. You can use some close up shots as additional images if your Flying Cart package allows multiple images (Helicopter and above).

6. Take multiple pictures at different angles. It is all about trial and error. After taking at least 10 images of your product, view them on your computer to see which one looks the best.

7. Edit your pictures. Crop out unneeded space and/or items in the picture. Save them as JPEG files.

8. If your product can be a part of set (like a chair around a dining table) include a picture of how it would look next to the dining table. If the product can be used by a human, like a blow dryer, include a picture of someone in the act of using the product.

Side Note: The reason physical retailers use manikins to display products is because it increases sales. You want the customer to picture themselves using it when they see the product. By including a human in your picture wearing or using the product the customer has an easier time picturing themselves using it.

We guarantee after following these 7 tips your customers will have a better shopping experience, which will lead to more sales. Good product images help make your store look more professional and it gives your customers a clearer picture of what they’re buying.

Here is a resource to read:

How do I delete a product image?

Your image will be listed under the Images section in the product edit area. Locate the image you would like to delete, then click the red X below the image to delete it. When asked if you’re sure you want to delete the image, click yes.

Why do I need an item number? Is this a requirement?

Item numbers are a useful tool for tracking and organizing your products. It’s helpful for merchants with a large product catalogue. It is not a requirement, and smaller merchants with only a few products may find it unnecessary.

What are Favs?

Favs are a simple way for your shoppers to let you know which products they think are best. If the Fan Club option is activated, fans can click the red heart on each product page to set it as their Favorite.

How do I get more Favs?

Get more favs by reminding your fans to click the little red heart on the product page anytime they see something they love. Be sure to let customers know their voice will be heard, and adding something to their Favs helps you with selecting new products in the future. For customers, Favs are stored in their profile as a list of products they like or plan to revisit. One way to help boost Favs is by featuring a few products on the homepage.

How do I track inventory?

Inventory Tracking is one of our most popular features. Now you can can sit back, relax, and stop worrying about over selling. Please note: This feature is only available to Helicopter packages and above.

Here is a step by step guide on tracking inventory:

1. Login to your store HQ.

2. Make sure you are on the Helicopter package or above. Inventory tracking is not available on the Glider package

3. Click on Products > Add a Product”

4. Add a product like you usually do and select “Track Product Quantities” in the drop down next to “Inventory”

5. Enter in the Quantity you have in stock

6. Select one of the three options for what happens when the product goes out of stock (quantity hits 0):
Option 1: Do not display or sell (Good for limited stock)
Option 2: Continue displaying and selling (Good for unlimited supply)
Option 3: Continue Displaying but do not sell (Good for limited stock but you can get more if you need to)

(optional) 7. You have the option of receiving an email when your products sell out. This is turned on by default and can be turned off on your Store > Settings page in your Headquarters.

What are variations and options? How can I have multiple sizes or colors for the same product?

What is a variation?
Variations allow you to expand the options of your product. Options define the available features of your product, for example colors (red, blue, black) or sizes (small, medium, large). So, if you’re selling hand bags and want to offer multiple colors, simply add the color options in the variations section. With the Helicopter package and above, you can also add multiple images for your product. For our hand bag example, you could add images of your bag in each available color.

What’s the difference between a Variation and an Option?
A variation is additional information you wish to add to a product, like size or color. So if you’re adding a color variation, the options of that variation might be red, white, blue , etc. A variation allows you to charge different prices for a particular option.

Here are a couple examples of using variations and options:

Example 1: Adding Sizes to a Product

1. Login into your store HQ
2. Go to Products > All Products
3. Scroll down to the variations section
4. Click on the “Add New Variation” button
5. In the drop down next to “Option” select “Create new Option”

6. In the new option text box, type your desired option, in the case of this example you’ll add the size “Medium” then click “Save.”

7. Then repeat the process creating a new variation for each additional size you wish to offer.

If this product comes in different colors instead of sizes you could have went through the same steps but replace the sizes with colors.

Example 2: Let’s say you’re a t-shirt seller with a t-shirt design offered in red, black, and blue and the shirts are available in sizes small, medium, and large. Each shirt costs $20, except the small size cost $15 ($5 cheaper).

1. Login into your store HQ
2. Go to Products > All Products
3. Scroll down to the variations section
4. Click on the “Add New Variation” button
5. In the drop down next to “Option” select “Create new Option”
6. Now input a new option for all the items that cost the same, so in our example the first variation we create will include the options Red – Medium, Red – Large, Blue – Medium, Blue – Large, Black – Medium, and Black – Large.

7. Click “Save” to save your new variation.
8. Now lets add the small size in a different price. We need to create a new variation to make this happen.

9. Click on the “Add New Variation” and in the drop next to “Option” select “Create new Option” and write in “Red-Small”. We’ll also update the price to reflect the $15 cost of the small shirt. Save your variation.
10. Repeat step 9 to account for the other 2 colors (Blue-Small and Black-Small) that are also offered in small sizes.
11. You should end with 4 variations, one with all the color/size combinations with the same price, and three variations reflecting each small – color option and the updated cost.

How can I charge extra for a larger size or special color?

In the variation section, add the option you wish to charge extra for, for example an XXL shirt. Once you’ve created the XXL variation, simply modify the price within that variation.

Can I set specific prices for bulk ordering?

While there’s currently no automatic way to do this in the Flying Cart system, it can be easily done manually two ways:

1. You can create a new version of the same product titled Bulk Order 50 (or whatever amount you wish) and list the bulk price for large orders.

2. You can also add a product variation to accomplish the same task. Simply add a new variation, then select “Create New Option” in the drop-down box. Insert your bulk order specifications and price and save the variation.

Can I have multiple images for each product?

Yes. Glider packages allows one image per product. Helicopter packages allows three images per product. All other packages allow ten images per product.