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To Launch or Not To Launch? How Viral-Tees got it’s first sale.

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

This guest post is written by Clayton Johnson of

To Launch or Not To Launch? How Viral-Tees got it’s first sale.

Developing a business takes an incredible amount of time.  Viral-Tees has been brewing for at least a year with no launch, but when an opportunity struck we decided to launch even with only 1 design and it paid off!  Here’s a short synopsis of our situation:

President Barack Obama’s acceptance to be the commencement speaker at Notre Dame this year has created quite a controversy on campus.  Activist groups threatened to protest at this year’s graduation in opposition to Obama’s stance on abortion (ND being a Catholic Institution).  However, some 95% of seniors are in support of Obama speaking at the graduation ceremony according to the responses received in the student newspaper, The Observer.

A friend of Viral-Tees (a student at ND–Matt Degnan) decided to make a statement by ordering shirts that read plain and simple, “Obama? Fine by Me.” The campaign went viral.  Hundreds were sold on campus.  When an article was run on the story by the student newspaper, got a plug which then generated our first order! (and many subsequent).

Taking the chance to launch unfinished has actually sped up the process of the business.  Many missing functions of the business have been developed by necessity and Flying Cart has made much of this possible by making selling online so easy!

About Viral-Tees
Viral-tees is owned exclusively by Identity Custom Imprinted Sportswear, a 30-year veteran to the screen printing industry.  We do wholesale screen printing and embroidery located in Mundelein, IL (NW Chicagoland).

Our website:
Phone: 847-949-8337
email: clayton AT identitycustom DOT com

Obama Icon Me

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

The coolest thing I did today in the Inauguration spirit was create my own photo. You upload a picture and it transforms it into an Obama style campaign poster.

Checkout mine. haha

Obama Tees

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Anyone watching the Democratic National Convention? Obama will be giving his nomination acceptance speech tonight. We’ve got you covered for your Obama t-shirts.

The Dream Obama Tee at Tees 2 Please

I Love That Brotha Tee at Fievel Graphics

Bumper Stickers available at Obama for President 2008