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The Big Honkin’ Store

Friday, August 6th, 2010
Image of Geek Out Loud Tee (Blue)
Geek Out Loud Tee (Blue)
$ On Sale

Image of Big Honkin Show Salt Fries Tee
Big Honkin Show Salt Fries Tee
$ On Sale

Now that Comic Con has ended and we’re thoroughly pumped about Joss Whedon directing The Avengers movie, we need a good place to geek out! Luckily we know of this little place called Geek Out Online. Check out the Geek out Podcast for the most recent rants and raves about Comics, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Video games and other stuff worth Geekin’ out over.

And speaking of Podcasts, check out the Big Honkin’ Show Podcast by Big Honkin’ Steve, which covers a little bit of everything from hunting stories to zombie attacks and funny commercials.

So whether you’re a geek or a goofball, these are two great podcasts that provide lots of entertainment… and they just so happen to share a store, The Big Honkin’ Store. So check out both of these podcasts and if you dig ‘em, show your support by picking up a cool t-shirt.