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Find out what your customers are searching for

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

We recently added the search box to all Flying Cart stores, but are you curious what your customers are searching for?  Wouldn’t it be nice to target your marketing efforts by being able to focus on products that you know they want? Now you can do that.

Our latest feature is a Search Statistics page where you can see a log of the last 200 searches done in your store.  Click on Marketing > Search Statistics in your Headquarters. For each search you will see the date and time of the search, the search term, and the user’s IP address.  This last field is the unique internet address of the user’s computer and you can use this to identify if the same user is doing a lot of different searches.

Note that the search logging begins today, July 2, 2009 so the data will be collected from this date forward.

Hot off the press: Store Search Box!

Monday, May 11th, 2009

It’s been in the works for a long time and we’re happy to announce that our newest addition is a search box in each Flying Cart store. This should help your customers find exactly what they are looking for. You can find the search box above the list of department names on the left side of the screen in your store. Search results come from the following fields (in order): product name, product description, department name, brand name, item number.  You may want to tweak the content of these fields to improve your store search results.

In the following example, I searched for “Albert” at Retro Beer Items ( and it brought back seven related products. Cool!

Search at Retro Beer Items

This has been one of our most requested features ever.


Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

The best way to name your products and figure out what you should write in your descriptions is finding out how many people are actually searching for a specific keyword.

1. Go to

2. Search for your product keywords

3. Add those keywords to your product descriptions, product name, about sections, etc.

NOTE: you want to make sure that someone is searching for it. But you also want to make sure a gazillion people are also NOT searching for it. You want to cater to a unique niche audience.