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GoDaddy Custom Domain Instructions

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

GoDaddy Logo

You own a domain name that you bought from GoDaddy!  Nice job. Custom domain names are fun.

Here is a step by step video tutorial on how to setup your custom domain:

You can also follow our screen shots and instructions below or watch this video to set it up with your Flying Cart store.

1. Log into your account. Click on Domains and then Domain Management.

2. Click on the domain you would like to use for your Flying Cart store.

Click on the Domain GoDaddy Screen Shot

3. Click on Launch underDNS Control.

4. Click the edit button next to www under CNAME. Click Ok when it asks if you are sure you want to modify your CNAME Alias.


5. Enter www for the Alias Name and for the Points to Host Name.  Hit Ok.

6. Click on the Domain tab at the top to return back to the Domains details page.

Flying Cart Domain Tab

7. Click on the forward GoDaddy Forward Button button and enter in your domain name with http://www. before it.  For example if your domain name is then type in Click the check box next to Enable Forwarding, click the radio button next to 301 Moved Permanently, and hit Ok.

GoDaddy Forwarding Screen

This step allows your customers to be able to type in or and get to your store.

8. Login to your Flying Cart store headquarters

9. Navigate to the Store -> Settings tab and locate the “Website Address” section on the page

10. Type in your domain name under “Use your own domain:”

Enter Website Address

11. Hit the “Update Settings” button towards the bottom.

12. Wait a full 24 hours